Welcome to Extreme Hunting Adventures.  If you are looking for that Trophy Elk hunt of a lifetime or a spectacular
    wilderness adventure, then you've come  to the right place.

    We offer Elk hunting, as well as Mule Deer, Coues Deer, Mountain Lion, Black Bear, Turkey, Oryx, Ibex, Antelope, Barbary
    Sheep, BigHorn Sheep, Desert Sheep, and Javelina.

    The D bar Ranch, headquarters for Extreme Hunting Adventures is located at the headwaters of the Gila River in Western
    New Mexico, ten miles South of Beaverhead, New Mexico and fifteen miles North of the Gila Cliff Dwellings National
    Monument.  The Gila National Forest and the Gila Wilderness have long been famous for the quality and consistency of
    Trophy Game produced.  Here at the D bar Ranch we have all the amenities to operate a top notch hunting and outfitting
    service.  It is our goal to provide you with the best possible experience Trophy Hunting has to offer.

    Maybe the most important element to being a Great Hunting outfitter is ones reputation in the business.  We have been
    guiding hunters here for many years and strive to continue to offer a great service to our clients.  You can find our Trophy
    Hunts listed in such magazines as 'Huntin Fool' and on their web page www.huntinfool.com under hunt finder our Elk Hunt
    is WB0332 and our Oryx hunt is WB0370.

    As with all big game hunting you must have a license prior to hunting.  Black Bear, Mountain Lion and Turkey licenses may
    be purchased over the counter. Elk, Deer, Pronghorn Antelope, Bighorn Sheep, Ibex, Javelina, and Oryx licenses must be
    obtained through State Lottery Drawings or by purchasing a landowner authorization certificate.

    We can help you enter the New Mexico or Arizona State Lottery's.  We can help you choose which unit and hunt would
    provide you the best chance for success.  The D bar Ranch is ideally located in the center of the Gila National Forest and
    one mile from the Aldo Leopold Wilderness.  Game management Unit 16B, which is nearly entirely Wilderness, lies to the
    South and Game management Unit 16C, which is nearly 50% Wilderness, lies to the North.  These are the two game
    management Units in which we hunt the most, but we also operate in game management Units 16A, 16D, 16E, 17 and
    Eastern Arizona.

    If you want to bypass the draw, you may purchase a guaranteed landowner tag for Elk, Deer, Oryx, Pronghorn Antelope,
    Barbary Sheep and Ibex.  Please call or email us for pricing and availability.  575 740-3333 or (719) 285-6901 or email us
    at  mathewgilstrap@gmail.com

Professionally Outfitted Big Game Hunts in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Archery, Muzzleloader,
Rifle Hunting for Elk, Mule Deer, Coues Deer, Pronghorn Antelope, Black Bear, Mountain Lion, Oryx (Gemsbuck), Ibex,
Barbary Sheep (Aoudad), Rocky Mountain Bighorn, Desert Bighorn, Scimitar Horned Oryx, Turkey, Javelina, Bobcat,
Guaranteed Land Owner Tags
New Mexico offers special Youth
Hunts and Mobility Impaired Hunts
for Elk, Oryx, Deer, and Pronghorn
Antelope.  These special hunts take
place during the height of the rut.  
Let us guide you to a Trophy Elk,
Oryx, Deer or Pronghorn Antelope.
We encourage Youth and Mobility
Impaired hunters to take advantage
of this special season.  We will
guide you to that Trophy of a lifetime
regardless of your age or
Please call us
575 740-3333 or
719 285-6901 or email us
for more information.
Extreme Hunting Adventures - HC30 Box 469 Winston, NM 87943 - (575) 740-3333 or (719) 285-6901
Bow Elk Hunt. Guide/Outfitter Matt Gilstrap called in this
Non-Typical Bull to within 10 yards of his hunter.
Call us 575 74
0-3333 or (719) 285-6901 Extreme Hunting
Guide and Outfitter Matt Gilstrap called in this beautiful
7x7380 inch Bull Elk for client Martin Hayes.   Call Extreme
Hunting Adventures 575 7
40-3333 or (719) 285-6901 for
your dream hunt!